What are the steps of getting married in Puglia, Italy? This is probably the first question you ask yourself. Civil unions and religious ceremonies are legally valid in Italy and Worldwide. Anyone can pursue a dream of getting married in Puglia, Italy and be assure of its validity.  Italy recognizes all Civil bindings, including the Same -Sex ceremony , and all faiths. Not only Catholic weddings, but Orthodox, Protestant, and eventually other religious ceremonies too.

Getting married in Puglia offers you the chance to choose among incredible locations. A romantic village church or a baroque Cathedral. An adorned frescos city hall or a unique outdoor venue. These are only few options you can consider when planning a wedding in Puglia. The atmosphere and the details specifically designed for your wedding, will reflect your vision in every step on the ceremony.

Like a film director, I will work behind you, never intrusive. I will provide a service worthy of the unique moment you are about to experience. In few words, planning a legally binding ceremony in Italy, with my help, will be easier and faster. Let’s start by putting down a “to-do list” and collecting all the right documentation for your

“Happily Ever After.”