Have you ever imagined what it will be to plan a Marriage proposal in Puglia?


love story

is unique,

and yours is no exception.

The moment you proposed, that “yes” for which you got down on one knee – these are moments you both will remember for the rest of your lives. A marriage proposal planned in Puglia could really be an unexpected indeed  incredible surprise made during a short vacation, surrounded by beauty, just like true love.
Emotions will flow, and you’ll see the world around you slowly change with a simple question:

“Will you marry me?”

Photographer, music and a thouch of magic

everything will be perfect leaving no chance to the unplanned. The only step you will need to take care of is getting your answer:


A  friendly call

will let me know more about your personalities and story. The intention is to study and work on a special idea and, through this information, craft a tailor-made

Marriage Proposal in Puglia

in any of the breathtaking locations of your choice.

Romance doesn’t begin with the wedding.

The romance began years before, and choosing to plan a marriage proposal in Puglia
is just another way of ensuring you’re on the right path for


grotta palazzese dinner
Are you engaged already and looking for the next exciting step towards your

Destination Wedding in Puglia?

Say I do! in Puglia and choose from various amazing venues Puglia Ever After can get for you, so you can celebrate your wedding day in a spectacular way!Let’s celebrate!