As a professional wedding planner in Puglia, It’s a privilege for me to know all my couples and get inspired by their lives and personality.

Events linked to love and happiness is what I love the most.

Crafting emotions and being able to transform concepts into ideas. Produce those ideas and see the joy in my clients’ eyes. All this has no comparison for me. The only way you have to imagine what my expertise and creativity can do for you, is to know me more and visit my…

Personal Backstage.


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When you invite someone to your personal backstage, you are not giving them pieces of your resume. You’re offering more of this. It’s not only your personality, your experiences, your choices.Most of all, it’s the human behind the professional…and don’t forget the swollen feet! Maria Pia is full my name, but everyone calls me Pia. I’m a mother of two, William and Sonia Jo Rose, and like every mother, I assume that 24 hours will never be enough for me.

I am a…


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My Creativity Booster

Most of my family members are in the hospitality and restaurant industry. My professional destination wedding planner career in Puglia started back in 1998, when I was 19. I left my family landing in Manila, Philippines to work for an Italian catering company.

Exciting stories are always born in exotic places, right?

During my two-years experience, I’ve had the chance to networking with suppliers and expericed customers’ satisfaction through the importance of an excellent service. I’ve achieved unexpected feedback that have strenghten my personal skills. In few words those yeears give me solid base to built my professional career.

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The fundamentals of my being very organized and focused come from my position as a buyer for an Apulian Imp. & Exp. Company. During these 12 years, I was lucky enough to learn how to work in stressful enviroment. I’ve refined my expertise in creating schedules and managing capital. I’ve gained great results using the art of bargaining and learn how take responsabilities. Above alle these skills, the most important has been the ability to build a good reputation. Establishing relationships is the most essential part of my business. In the end this was what have made me a reliable professional in wedding industry.

But I wanted more.

In 2014, a man appeared on my path. His name was Richard Carbotti. He was the brilliant and extraordinary soul heading to one of the most valued designing wedding agencies in Rhode Island, USA.
I was invited to attend The Special Events Show in Nashville. In that occasion I’ve had the unique opportunity to meet the USA wedding industry’s top professionals.

It was during this event that I realized Puglia could easily enter the destination wedding “Hall of Fame”.I was right as now Puglia is among the most attractive destinations for international weddings together with Florence, Rome, and Venice. Looking back at my own evolution I realize that everything I needed was already here, surrounding me with all its uniqueness and beauty: the land I left behind as a girl is my beginning and yet…

Also My Destination.

If you are here, you already know how important connections are for me.Book your free consultation. Contact me for a friendly chat and find out if I help you and be your

Professional Wedding Planner in Puglia!