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Dreaming and Romantic Wedding Venues in Puglia

Italy has some of the most incredible artistic and architectonic treasures in the World. Among these beauties, castles stand out as genuine national assets. There are more than than 25,000 scattered throughout the Italian territory. Many people think of Abruzzo, Tuscany or Sicily as the regions with the highest number of castles. But actually these historical buildings are easily found in Puglia, too. The Marchione Castle and the Dentice di Frasso Castle are perfect examples of these monuments. They are vivid witnesses of history and their magnificent beauty is going to put a spell on your heart!

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If you choose a castle for your wedding in Puglia, you will be entering a timeless atmosphere. The magic, the warmth, and the ancestral background are incomparable to other venues. Imagine what it would be hosting your wedding surrounded by an historical atmosphere. How it would feel to welcoming your guests, and celebrating a new beginning in a dreamy castle. There are incredible castles that are waiting to elevate your event with a spectacular entertainment. Your fairy wedding worthy of a memorable and emotional wedding reception. A castle wedding in Puglia , with no doubt, will satisfy your expectation.