Whether it is a romantic country side church,a Baroque Cathedral or a city hall,we will create the right atmosphere and arranged all details at best,respecting bureaucratic regulations as well as religious rituals.
For these reasons, every ceremony chosen to seal your love will fit your wishes.Like film directors, we will be behind you, never intrusive, providing a service worthy of the unique and unrepeatable moment you are about to live.

Catholic Ceremony

Many people will be interested in having a formal and traditional Catholic wedding in Puglia. The fact that Italy is home to some of the most gorgeous Catholic churches that have ever been constructed will certainly motivate anyone to enjoy wedding ceremonies in Puglia like this.
There are lots of Baroque churches and small romantic places of worship in Puglia. Catholic priests will conduct traditional Catholic weddings. We will take care of the bureaucratic side of things while working with you in order to find the best church for the ceremony. It should be easy for people to be able to find the perfect Baroque palace for wedding in Puglia.
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Civil Ceremony

Town Hall civil ceremonies can be surprisingly picturesque. Lovely terraces and gardens are surrounding the town halls with a very regal history. We can handle all of the local and bureaucratic procedures prior to these practical but effective wedding ceremonies in Puglia.
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Symbolic Ceremony

A lot of people just want to celebrate their love publicly but without a lot of formal proceedings, and the symbolic wedding ceremony will work in that way. People with different tastes and people from different cultures will have different preferences for their symbolic wedding ceremonies. A renewal of vows in Puglia will often take on this format. Some people might want a seaside blessing ceremony in Puglia as a symbolic wedding ceremony. A same sex wedding in Puglia might follow this format.
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Protestant Ceremony

There are lots of different religious communities in Italy and Puglia, especially Christian communities. Even in a largely Catholic society like this, people should have an easy time when it comes to getting a dream Protestant wedding ceremony. We will gather and organize all of the associated documents in order to help.
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Jewish Ceremony

Some people will choose to have a Jewish wedding in Puglia. Puglia has a Jewish community that we can use as support, and we will follow all of the associated indications. The Scolanova Synagogue is one of the ideal venues for a Jewish wedding in Puglia, although there are other options.
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Orthodox Ceremony

The Bari Orthodox church is a great venue for an Orthodox Ceremony in Puglia. There are plenty of other beautiful Orthodox churches in the area. The historical Byzantine ornaments and special rituals of Orthodox wedding ceremonies in Puglia can truly make all the difference.
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Buddhist Ceremony

Buddhist community established a while ago in ltria’s Valley in Puglia. People can choose a Buddhist ceremony in Puglia that will truly make them feel that they are in harmony both naturally and spiritually. We can help people with wedding ceremonies in Puglia from many different religious and spiritual traditions.
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