Tiffany,Lace & Happiness

Tiffany,Lace & Happiness

Michele & Benedetta

When you leave your land seeking for good life opportunity and you do it together with the person you love,the future seems to be brighter.Sometimes dreams do not match with your expectation,and some other you don’t expect the future to be where past and present are one.That future was in Puglia. This is what happened to a young apulian couple,Michele e Benedetta.By the time they decide to get married,they use to live and work in Verona: how sweet was to receive a marriage proposal in the city of Love!
The date was fixed on July 31th 2014 and it could be so perfect to celebrate in Puglia.Live in Puglia.Life and dream once again worked in team giving their best:back to Puglia for love and for good!Planning to celebrate the event while you are not on site,you got no time,no idea,could be really stressful or better say a mission impossible!We met on January 2014 and we talked a lot:wishes, colours,feelings:the talk was the first of many but for sure the most important one:when a couple put their trust on me, on Puglia Ever After. Three keywords for this wedding:Tiffany,Lace and Happiness.
The colours palette included,a part from a blue-green Tiffany,brown chocolate,ivory and pale pink tones. Very simple and romantic palette,just like the bride. I started to collect ideas:from the invitation card, to the wedding give away,from the guestbook to the centerpiece. The result was just what couple had in mind and for me was already a success. The invitation cards were handmade:wonderful ivory lace and shell finishing paper for the formal invitation while for the wedding announcement a “travel tag” inspiration having on the back side the wish list indication.
At the dining area,guests could easily find their seat on the framed table planner,hanging from the roof.At the table a simple yet elegant centerpiece,for each guest a typical Italian wedding favor: 5 flavored “confetti” candy wishing happiness,wealth,health,fertility,longevity. Declinations of Love boxed and named with monograms. The guestbook was on my opinion the “masterpiece”.A real watercolour painting made by a young local artist, Giovanni Calella.My personal gift to the couple. Absolutly stunning,original and unique,just like them.Party was fantastic:superb food,magic venue,good music,lot of fun and of course…a sweet wedding cake:perfectly matching the theme and most of all their love.

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