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www.pugliaeverafter.com.it is a site operated by Maria Pia Carbotti.

You are encouraged to read the following terms of use (“Terms of Use”) before you make the access and the subsequent use of the Site.

The Terms of Use are targeting both partners and users that only refer to the navigation on the same.

These Terms of Use govern the relation between users and partners and the Website Whenever you do not accept them in part or in its entirety, we urge you to leave the site, because their acceptance is a prerequisite for the use of the same .The Manager reserves the right to modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Use.

Should you experience these transactions will be made public through a notice on the Site

With regard to the transmission of data to the Web, users and Partners, accepted the Terms Manual, are required to comply with the following:

1) do not transmit in any manner any kind of content that is unlawful, harassing, or damaging another’s privacy.

2) not to disclose false information about his identity or not to use the data to third parties without their consent;

3) do not transmit in any manner any type of content that infringes of trademark, trade secret, copyright.

4) do not transmit in any way content of any type relating to advertising material promotional and other forms of promotion unauthorized or unsolicited.

5) It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, encode, translate, modify the Site and its contents, create works

derived from the Site and its contents, sell, license or otherwise distribute the Site or its contents by means of instruments that refer to other computers, servers or sites;

6) it is forbidden to use automatic or manual mechanisms suitable to access, acquire, copy or monitor the Site and its contents.

7) it is forbidden to enter or even get hold groped by any tool materials, documents or information on the Site is not for that purpose;

8)it is not allowed to enter through illicit means any portion or feature of the Site whose Access is allowed only by permission of the Manager.

9) it is forbidden to try or test the vulnerability of the Site or any network connected to it, and violate the security and authentication measures of the Site;

10) it is prohibited to send or load on the servers of the Website or virus code, files, programs, or other instruments designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software hardware or installations of the Website or third parties.


Customers, you accept the Terms of Use, you acknowledge that all content of the Site,such as software, all kinds of computer codes used in the Site, graphics, text,the visual interface and the user interface, scripts, photographs, images, drawings,audio and video playback, are the property of the Manager and pertners that provide these items.

The Manager will comply with national laws and international treaties in defense of property intellectual and industrial property.

The trademarks, logos, trade names and brands shown on this Site are the property ofexclusive of the Manager. The partners and customers, in accordance with Terms of Use, you agree not to use in any manner these marks, logos, names commercial and brands without the express permission of the owners.

Users and Customers, you accept the Terms of Use, you acknowledge that:

a) the use of the Site is at their sole and absolute discretion;

b) the Manager is not considered in default of its obligations and refuses any responsibility in lieu of damages or claims resulting from the failure to provide the Site due to malfunctioning of electronic means of communication for causes that are beyond the scope of its predictable control, such as fires natural disasters, lack of energy, lack of telephone lines or other network service providers, malfunctioning of software installed, inadequate anti-virus, computer viruses, hackers actions;

c) the Operator assumes no responsibility for any damage of any nature resulting from incorrect use of the Website, unauthorized access to or alteration of transmissions or data of customers, from the conduct of any third party;

d) the Manager does not warrant that any errors in the software or content of the Site are identified and corrected, although it is constantly commitments to their detection and correction;

e) The Manager reserves the right to temporarily suspend the operation of the Site to make any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on equipment Support the Site

To transmit their data in order to use the service offered by the Site Manager It may require registration at the same by issuing an e-mail address and a password, which together form the Account. Every customer has the responsibility to maintain secretive about their credentials to access the Site and to control access to their Account.

The owners of the Account shall be responsible for any type of transaction through the Account, unless the same do not disclose and prove that their Account is used by third parties without their consent. The Manager shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the failure by the Customer of these requirements.

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