A round-trip ticket to unexplored places and traditions before they get famous

Postcard from the uknown Puglia

Vineyard wedding in Puglia

Postcard from the uknown Puglia

What is the first thing that come up into your mind when you say PUGLIA? Some people may say: “sun, good food and Trulli”.Some other answer: “Puglia? What is that? The answer to these two questions is in the middle.Puglia is a inner mood: so clear in your mind yet difficult to explain.When people arrive in Puglia soon understand that here the culture has made this strip of land a fertile one: a cup of wine able to inebriate spirit and mind, a continuous discovery.
Bespoke wedding in Puglia
This time the postcard will be sent out not as a reminder, but as an invitation, a round-trip ticket to unexplored places, unique traditions, culinary experience out of common and to ancient craft labs sent from the unknown Puglia.
Cave Seaside wedding in Puglia
Who does not know Alberobello?For years and still now it is among the first thing that come up to tourists mind as symbol of Puglia.What about Gragano area?Vico Garganico, Sant’Agata,Orsara di Puglia are only some of the places where life flows slowly and ancient times are still vivid in the eyes of inhabitants.
Vineyard wedding in Puglia
Vico Garganico has been labeled as one among the most beautiful Villages in Italy probably due to in influence of its Patron Saint: S.Valentine.If you are suffering for love then you should come to Vico Garganico and take part to the celebration and bring a “blessed” orange with you as special love potion ingredient.Many people are ready to swear it: the blessed juice is tasty, natural, genuine and most of all very efficient, if you really love the desired one and of course trust the Saint !
Rustic wedding in Puglia
Not only unexplored place but unique food too.Sometimes this two elements get together for timeless experience.Puglia infact holds a special European primate, for the oldest oven located in Orsara di Puglia dated 1526 still in use, producing an extraordinary bread straw-cooked.
These are only a couple of suggestions,a differt way to approch this land,a shot of amazing life, just like amazing are the beaches, specially the one in South Est area, well known as Apulian Maldive or the lands between Manduria and Nardò covered by hundreds hectares vineyard.
Wedding planner Valle d'itria
Amazing as the light decorations of Scorrano better known as “Luminarie”, wooden structures enriched with light games able to let people turn their heads up to the sky, admiring thousands of bulbs blinking in the night.
Light weddings in Puglia
Puglia is more than just a location for an expensive wedding or a glamour event.It is actually a rough diamond waiting to be discovered,a confortable home to restore soul and mind,a family since people in Puglia are not treated as tourist, but as guest.
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