Whether it’s a small town or a big city, the artisans’ works are still vivid today due to their traditional methods: from ceramic ware of Grottaglie to the handmade laces of Gargano area, from the Rutigliano funny whistles, to the Salento handicrafts. Still, you can find items made of wrought iron, from Mattinata, Cerignola and Gravina di Puglia areas, where the baroque influence was the inspiration for handmade creation of candle holders, streetlights and gates of superb quality.
Among all traditions,one can find an very ancient survived art: the art of straw.There are many traditional objects made with straw still produced in the same way as before,but with different usage.
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Traditions aren’t made of arts only. Important Apulian elements are the festivities celebrations which literally invade churches,streets,piazzas and make of each spectator a main protagonist of these Apulian joyful moments.
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