Puglia, land of conquests and denominations.
Signs of past civilizations witness the great number of populations who used to live in this land, whose tracks are easly found in important archeological parks and main city museums.
The human presence in Puglia goes back to very old times.The name “Puglia” comes from the Greek word “Apulia” which means “land of Apuli”.This ancient population lived in this region before the arrival of Romans.The time distance between the Roman Empire and the Middle East invasion was short but Puglia was able to absorb all signs of these historical passages and ready to host a new emperor:Federico II of Svevia.
He was the one who understood,more than any other previous conqueror,the precious potentials and the resources of this land.
Vineyard wedding in Puglia
Wedding planner Puglia
Puglia soon becomes the land of castles, not only used as defending structures but mostly as pleasure and culture’s places.After about ten years, the baton passed to the France domination,but under a climate of militarization, the artistic vein of Puglia slowly died,till the Baroque age.
Otranto became the tower of Apulian Baroque style with all its civil, cultural and artistic revolution.From that moment on, the succession of evolutions and changes, have led Puglia in front of our eyes with all original characteristics: now, this place has captured your attention and conquered your heart.
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