For a vacation “coast to coast”, you can plan your journey starting from Lesina, in Gargano, going to Peschici, Vieste and Mattinata and stop at the famous salt mine of Margherita di Savoia. Going down the Adriatic coast, you arrive at the Mola of Bari where you can hire a boat and get to the touristic towns of Polignano and Monopoli, ideal locations for weddings and events. Passing by Marina of Ostuni, you enter in Salento’s area: San Foca, Otranto, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro Marina and Santa Maria di Leuca which is the turning point of the tour.
Following the Apulian coasts, the sea changes his name and becomes Ionic Sea: Gallipoli, Port Cesarean, Saint Pietro in Bevagna, Leporano and Castellaneta Marina, are the capitals of this marvelous sea.
weddings in Puglia
Bespoke wedding in Puglia
As a painter who draws lines first and defines the forms then, completing his artistic vision with chromatic chiaroscuro effects,in the same way Puglia turns in colors and shapes.The dark green color of the olives trees and wine yards, the intense yellow of the Murge wavy wheat, the pure white used on the walls of farms crossing the brilliant red color of poppies along the paths of Itria Valley and the grey of dry walls and trulli of Alberobello, UNESCO heritage.
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