Bougainvillea Dream Movie

Bougainvillea Dream Movie

Maria & Luca

First Wedding,first love:something I will never forget.The wedding theme came up little by little,thinking about a fresh wedding idea.The reception venue made the difference and gave the right boost to the theme.A liberty style gazebo,with bougainvillea bushes covering the roof with a amazing dramatic look.The bride dress was tailor made using a flower fabric design for the wedding,
a bougainvillae inspiration.
Groom instead wanted the wedding to be designed based on his passion:movies
Ceremony was held at a lovely country side church and so arrangements were very simple,respecting the surrounding.
The table centerpieces were named with famous wedding Movies,printed on customized clapboard.
The wedding cake was a true pastry chef’s masterpiece:three layers of cake decorated with pictures of couple’s wonderful life moments.

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