“A very accurate and creative wedding planner, always available with impeccable efficiency. We worked together for a wedding and she was able to create a fresh new romantic atmosphere:not an common wedding party. Great set design and great ideas. Looking forward to the next job together.”


“I Can’t thank enough for a wonderful wedding I’ve ever had in Martina Franca, a tiny little town in Puglia, South Italy. I was lucky to have as a planner my sister in law, who designed ,planned and organized the wedding in 6 months only, while out of Italy. In fact, by that time, I was still living in Singapore with My husband, so it was not that easy for me to do all the check list, especially with the document but she was so detailed and really looking for perfection. She was so helpful that sometimes I forgot to add on something, but she was always there or even to remind me. Patiently doing all the small items until my wedding was amazing brilliant. Well what I can say, The planner was very informative with some great ideas and points, I didn’t think of for the wedding. It was great! Thank you very much. Bravo!”



“To me as wedding planner is a professional figure you can ‘t avoid as he will be in charge of many roles but most of all : a precious advisor. Organize a wedding while couple were in Singapore, was a true challenge: handle hotels booking while preparing the wedding it is not easy, especially when you handle a Chinese wedding and budget limit to guide you I’ve attended my friend wedding and I was And budget planner. The wedding planner assist new I think Pia is a good wedding planner with excellent ideas ,helped my friend to achieve the dream wedding, the most memorable moments with limited budget :Puglia is an amazing place to get married, the venue looks gorgeous and people was happy!

Mission accomplished !
Next will be me! Ciao!”


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