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"A dream remains a dream until you start working on it. And then it become something infinitely greater."

Adriano Olivetti
Vineyard wedding in Puglia

Maria Pia Carbotti

Maria Pia Carbotti lives and work in Martina Franca a beautiful baroque town located in the heart of Puglia, Southern Italy.Soon after the High School diploma, she joins her uncle for the opening of the first Italian fast food chain in the Philippines.Working at PIADINA ITALIANA,bring her into the exciting world of event and restaurant industry.Working in team,manage suppliers deliveries and learn how to stage an event from professionals are the most important achievements.Back in Italy in year 2001,Maria Pia is hired by General Trade, one of the most significant Italian imp&Exp Company .Covering the position of Assistant Buyer first and Senior then,gives her the chance to develop analytic,problem solving and negotiation skills.With such important backgrounds in year 2013 she decide to resign and start and fulfill a dream called Puglia Ever After.
2014:a new year, a new begining!
On January 2014 Maria Pia flies to Nashville attending the TSE-The Special Event in Nashville.A full immersion of workshops,courses with some of the best professionals in the USA wedding and event industry. Inspired by this great opportunity and by their great work,motivate her to move forward with Puglia Ever After.The experiences achieved during all these years made her the person she is now: an happily married woman with two kids, William and Sonia Jo Rose who designs ,creates and develops bespoke weddings and events in Puglia.

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Q: Do you have a saying?
A:“My motto is probably ‘have faith, no fear.‘ I’ve met a very special person in Nashville. During his speech I felt like he was talking directly to me.I’ve stopped to have fear of the new future and started trusting my feelings.”
Q: “If you could describe yourself in three words besides ‘wedding designer and coordinator,‘ what would they be?”
A:”Maybe I’m flattering myself, but I would say, ‘Imaginative, descreete, and careful”.
Q: Where do you get your inspirations?
A:: “I like to say that I try to find inspirations everywhere: an old picture, a landscape, or a present. I’ve always found that listening to music really helps when I design a wedding or an event. It helps me get into that mode, helping me come up with new ideas in the process.”
Q: Which Apulian city or location is your favorite?
A::“It’s really hard to pick just one! I will mention three of them! There are so many fantastic places here. Among the best Apulian places, I really recommend the Church of St. Michael in Frangesto.This is one of the best location for those who want to get married in Puglia. Romantic churches in Puglia are perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony!If you are looking for a regal,stunning and rich of history church,then the Basilica of St. Martin in Martina Franca will leave you breathless! For a symbolic ceremony I can suggest Monopoli.Here couples could have their unique wedding ceremony set at the Carlo V Castle in Monopoli,surrounded by the sea. What a spectacular view! I have many other favorite locations and still more to find.What really makes the difference when you want to plan a wedding abroad is to find a riable passionate wedding designer and coordinator like me!”
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